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A disaster can turn your life upside down. Heavy rains, floods, blizzards, storms, melting snow - there is little that we can do to protect ourselves from Nature's wrath. These often strike suddenly, leaving a trail of destruction behind. At Boca Raton Restoration Company, we are always prepared to deal with the aftermath of the disasters.

With an experience of more than twenty years in damage restoration, we are the premier company in Boca Raton, FL area for all kinds of damage mitigation and restoration services. Disasters often leave people clueless about the next action step. With us in charge, however, you don’t have to worry about restoring your property to its pre-damage condition. All you have to do is call us at 561-275-5990 and we will be by your side within 30 minutes to help you. We work 24x7 to enable our customers to get back to their feet again.

What we handle?

Damage due to water:

Whether it is a leaky faucet or flooding due to heavy rains, water can enter your property and damage it in several ways. It can affect the structural integrity of your property and cause extensive damage to your furnishings, fixtures and other things. Often small leaks can go undetected and cause your water bill to spike. Water in the property can also lead to electrical accidents, mold growth and contaminate the environment, and make your home inhabitable. We handle all of these and more. Whether it is closing leaks or restoring property after a flood, you can bank on our expertise to help your home become livable again.

Destruction by fire:

Fire breakouts can be totally devastating and lead to huge losses. Such incidents can often lead to complete charring of your possessions. Also, you would have to contend with ash and smoke after the fire dies down. Toxic odors at home can affect your possessions and also lead to respiratory issues. At Boca Raton Restoration Company, we have expert fire restoration professionals on board who will work extensively to clean, sanitize, deodorize and restore your property and bring it to its previous avatar.

Mold invasion:

Nothing can be more appalling than mold growth in the house. Mold needs a moist environment to thrive. They affect property in myriad ways, eating into your furnishings and even negatively impacting the structural integrity of the house. Water leakage and improper drying after a flood can encourage mold growth in the house. It can also lead to a host of respiratory ailments, including allergies, rashes and the like. Just painting the walls or cleaning the house will not help eliminate the problem. At Boca Raton Restoration Company, our experts possess advanced knowhow and equipments to completely get rid of mold and prevent it from making a comeback.

We check every part of the house to ensure that there is no trace of mold growth left. Sometimes mold growth can be invisible and while others might recommend ripping the drywall off to detect it, we would rather use the latest non-invasive methods to detect mold growth and address the same.

Property restoration/remodeling:

Accidents and disasters can leave your property in shambles. If you are looking to remodel your home because of such incidents or maybe even just to give it a new look, we can help you. We have with us restoration specialists and contractors to handle full-scale remodeling projects. We can help give your property a completely new look.

We have with us experts in the field and we have partnered with reliable contractors to ensure the best quality restoration and remodeling work. No matter what look you want your property to showcase, you can trust us to deliver the best results.

Trust us because:

  • We are always available to handle any emergency due to a disasterBoca Raton Restoration Company Boca Raton, FL 561-275-5990
  • We are known to offer the fastest resolution
  • We have in our team the best experts in the industry with years of experience
  • Our professionals are fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery
  • We are available round the clock, all through the year to resolve your issues
  • We are hailed as the best experts in town when it comes to damage restoration
  • We work with your insurance company and help settle claims
  • We can resolve your concerns faster than anyone else in the region

Is your property in Boca Raton, FL area affected by fire, water or any other accident? Don’t worry. We have you covered. Just dial us at 561-275-5990 and we will be at your doorsteps within a short time to help you.

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